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How much do we charge?

Our fees are based on the complexity of your tax return. We have a posted fee schedule readily available to the public at all of our offices. In general, we:

  • charge a fixed price for each tax form and worksheet used in the preparation of your tax return
  • may apply a per-item charge for certain items, like stock sales and depreciation
  • do not charge for line-items, such as interest income, unemployment and dependents

Examples of our fees for common types of returns are shown below. We can provide a more precise estimate if we know more about your tax situation. We offer a Price Estimate Worksheet, which you can use to obtain a price estimate.

Individual Tax Return Preparation Fees

Our fees are generally form-based. For example, if your tax return includes Form 1040, Schedule A, and Oregon Form 40, we would charge a fixed price for each of these forms. 

For the 2017 filing season, our fee for Form 1040 is $215, Schedule A is $62 and Oregon 40 is $57, adding up to a total preparation fee of $334. Our average fee charged for the 2017 season was about $450.

Below is a table, outlining some of the most common tax return situations and our fees for preparing forms associated with these returns. Use our Price Estimate Worksheet to obtain a more accurate price estimate.

Tax Return includes the following
income and deductions
Forms Required Total Average Price Charged
Example 1: 1040EZ Short Form
W2 Income only, no dependents. Federal and Oregon State. Electronic filing.
1040EZ, Oregon 40 $169
Example 2: 1040 Short Form with dependents
No childcare expenses or Earned Income Credit. W2 Income only. Federal and Oregon State.
1040A, 8867,Oregon Form 40 $275
Example 3: 1040 Short Form with dependents & EIC.
W2 income only. No childcare expense.
1040A, 8812, EIC, 8867, Form 40 $326
Example 4: 1040 Short Form with dependents & college education expenses.
W2 income only. Federal and Oregon state. No EIC.
1040A, 8863, 8867, Oregon 40 $322

Example 5: Long Form 1040, itemized deductions with dependents
Income is from wages, unemployment, pension, social security, interest and dividend income less than $1,500.

Out-of-state returns
We prepare returns for other states. You should request an appointment with an experienced preparer if you had income from a state other than Oregon. Out-of-state returns range in price from $74 - $200 each depending on the complexity of the state.

1040, Sch A, Oregon Form 40 $383

Example 6: Stock and Investment income
All facts the same as example 5, except there is additional income reported for stock sales. Schedule D is $40. Then add $5 for each 8949 required and $3 for each sale reported. This example assumes 5 long-term and 5 short-term sales, to arrive at a price of $394. 

Alternative minimum tax and NIIT
If you are a higher income taxpayer, additional forms will be required if you must pay alternative minimum tax or the net investment income tax. These forms can add $45 - $120 to the bill.

Foreign investment or financial accounts
Investment accounts that fall under FATCA and/or FBAR filing requirements can trigger additional forms, and typically add $70 - $200 to the preparation fees.

1040, Sch A, Sch D, 2 x 8949, Oregon Form 40

Low $439

Average $450-$650.

High $650-$1,200



Example 7: Rental property
Same facts as for example 5; in addition to itemized deductions, there is also income from a single rental property. Depreciation schedule shows 5 assets at $3 each. 

More than one rental property
Each additional rental property will add approximately $100 to the bill. 

1040, Sch A, Sch E, 4562, Oregon Form 40

Low $509
Average $600 - $800
High $800 - $1,500

Example 9: Self Employment/Business Income
Long Form 1040 reporting income from Self-Employment. Price will vary according to complexity of the business return and other forms and schedules that are a part of the tax return. Please complete our Price Estimate Worksheet and contact our offices for a more detailed price estimate.
1040, Schedule C, Oregon Form 40 Low $313
Average $600 - $800
High $800 - $1,300

Example 10: Amended tax return
Our fee for preparing an amended return depends upon whether we prepared the original return and why the amendment is needed. 

  • If we made an error, we amend at no charge. 
  • If we prepared the return, but you failed to provide us with complete and accurate information, then we charge for additional forms needed to prepare the corrected return.  The minimum charge is typically about $300.
  • If we did not prepare the original return, then the fees for amending will depend on the complexity of the return and what forms we need to complete.  Pricing will be similar to what we would have charged to prepare the original return, plus additional forms required for the amendment.

1040X, Oregon 40X

Additional forms required for the amendment

$0 if our error.

$300 and up were we prepared the original return.

$300-$700 if we did not prepare the original return.

Example 11: Out-of-State Returns
Multi-state tax returns are required when you have income from more than one state.  We consider multi-state tax returns to be complex so you should request an appointment with an experienced preparer.

We prepare returns for all states.

We also prepare returns for Puerto Rico, CNMI, Guam, and other U.S. territories

Oregon: $57

AZ, MT, HI & ID: $74 per state

NY, CA, NJ & PA: $200 per state.

All other states: $115

Example 12: Nonresident Returns
Dual status residents and U.S. nonresidents with U.S. source income may be required to file Form 1040NR. In certain situations a nonresident may choose to file Form 1040.  You should request an appointment with a person on our staff who is experienced with nonresident returns.



Low: $215 - $350

Average: $350 - $450

High: $450 - $1,000

Example 13: Foreign income
You have foreign income if:

  • You received payment for services performed in a foreign country
  • You have income from foreign rental properties or businesses
  • You have investment income such as interest or dividends from a foreign country.

You are required to report your worldwide income, however, you may be eligible to offset foreign income by claiming the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or the Foreign Tax Credit.  If you are not eligible for these benefits, you may still be able to claim certain travel expenses.

Pricing for tax returns that report foreign income is described in earlier examples, but pricing will reflect charges for additional forms relating to the foreign income.

We are also experienced with preparing specialized returns for expatriates and individuals who are out of tax filing compliance and wish to come into compliance using the IRS Offshore Stream-Lined Filing Compliance Procedures.

Form 2555

Form 1116

FATCA Form 8938

FBAR- FinCEN Form 114

Low: $350

Average: $400-$800

High: $800-$1,500


Specialized situations like offshore streamlined compliance procedures run $3,000 - $5,000.

Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations and S-Corporations

Fees for preparing corporate and partnership returns vary, according to the complexity of the tax return. Pricing begins at $750, with the average fee ranging from $800 - $1,200. Companies can obtain a price estimate by filling out the appropriate organizer and then calling 503-646-5600 or dropping by our office.

Partnership & LLC Organizer

S-Corporation Organizer

C-Corporation Organizer


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Our bookkeepers are university graduates with Bachelors degrees in accounting. Our bookkeepers are proficient with QuickBooks, and other accounting software applications.

Our in-house bookkeeping and payroll service rate is $80 per hour. Or we can visit you at your business location for $90 per hour.


Business & Tax Consulting

Tax consulting services are billed in half-hour increments of $150 per hour, with a $100 minimum fee. Consulting services with our CPA, Leonard Mitchell, are billed at $300 per hour.


Audit Assistance

Please visit our Audit Services page for information about our audit assistance pricing.


Oregon Laws Governing Pricing Disclosure

Oregon Licensing Laws governing advertising and pricing state:

"No licensee shall give or offer to give a discount unless:

  • The discount is based upon a conspicuously posted basic fee schedule at the licensee's place of business; and
  • The fees on the posted basic fee schedule are the usual and customary charges of the business; and
  • The posted basic fee schedule is made available to the general public."

The purpose of this rule is to ensure income tax services who advertise discounts to attract customers fairly and openly disclose their pricing. 

In accordance with these laws, Pacific Northwest Tax Service makes every effort to openly and fairly disclose our pricing. We believe it is the responsibility of all licensed tax professionals to adhere to the Code of Conduct set forth by the Oregon Board of Tax Service Examiners. Tax Board's rules governing the conduct for tax professionals in Oregon.

Oregon law requires tax preparers who offer discounts or coupons to post their price schedule. Ask to see your preparer's price schedule to ensure you are being fairly charged.