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Quality Assurance

Step 1

April interviews client

We conduct a thorough interview with you to be sure we understand your tax situation, and to ensure every possible deduction legally available under the law is taken. 

Our detailed Tax Organizers are available for you to download and bring to your tax interview. They provide valuable information to help ensure you and your preparer cover all areas relevant to your unique tax situation.

Step 2

We provide our people with the equipment, advanced training and the expert support needed to provide our customers competent professional tax preparation services with a level of thoroughness directed at maximizing your tax savings.

Our preparers do not work for commission, and are therefore free to work together as a team, sharing tax knowledge and experience.


Step 3

We promise to meet with you at your appointed time, and return your completed tax return to you within just a few days. (Times vary depending upon the tax return package you choose.)


Step 4

Tax law is detailed and complex. Hundreds of data entry items affect nearly every tax return prepared.

The complexity of tax law means the likelihood of error on any particular tax return is high. This is why every return prepared at Pacific Northwest Tax Service is reviewed by our senior tax consultants for completeness and accuracy. Our review process keeps errors to an absolute minimum and means our customers can have confidence in the accuracy of the tax returns we prepare.

Upon completion of our review process, we will immediately inform you of any adjustments or changes that must be made to your tax return before it is ever filed with the Internal Revenue Service.


Step 5

If we make an error on your tax return due to our own omissions, it is our policy to pay any penalties or interest assessed by the IRS.