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Rain Servin

Rain Servin, Video Editor, Admin Assistant - Biography

B.S. Portland State UniversityRain Servin
A.A. Portland Community College

As a local to the Cedar Mill area of NW Portland, Rain has always felt at home in the Pacific Northwest. While still in high school, he worked to complete his associates degree at Portland Community College during and upon graduating he moved onto Portland State University. He graduated Portland State in 2019 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Arts and Letters.

Rain now looks to deliver top notch customer service in every role he fills. His abilities were built up thanks to years of retail experience, as well as technical skills learned throughout his schooling. He runs the front desk at Pacific Northwest Tax Service's west side location as Administrative Assistant.

When he’s not busy at work Rain loves finding time to watch movies and sports, as well as spending time with his family and siblings who live in the area.