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Payroll Services Agreement

________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Company”, hereby engages and authorizes Pacific Northwest Tax Service and its employees to perform the following payroll services:

  1. Submit applications to IRS and Oregon which will allow Company to pay payroll taxes directly through the automated EFTPS payment systems.
  2. Initiate transfer of payroll taxes from the Company’s designated* bank accounts to the IRS and State for each pay period.
  3. Submit required information to IRS and State online payment systems.
  4. Prepare federal Form 941 FICA and withholding reports on a quarterly basis
  5. Prepare federal Form 940 FUTA unemployment tax reports on an annual basis
  6. Prepare and file Forms W2 and W3 with the Social Security Administration on an annual basis
  7. Prepare and file Form OQ Oregon Combined Quarterly reports on a quarterly basis using Oregon’s “Otter” payroll reporting system
  8. Prepare and file WR Oregon Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation Report.
  9. Prepare and file Oregon Report for new hiring.

Company shall submit written payroll requests to Pacific Northwest Tax Service by either of the following methods:

  1. Fax at 503-350-0265 or 503-288-2004
  2. Email at: or

To ensure accurate payroll reporting, Company payroll requests shall include the following information:

  1. Completed form W4 for each new employee hired
  2. Date pay period ends
  3. Date paycheck is to be issued
  4. Name of employee being paid
  5. Rate of pay that applies
  6. Type of pay that applies – such as
    1. Regular hours
    2. Overtime hours
    3. Tips
    4. Vacation
    5. Salary
    6. Sick pay
  7. Overtime must be separately stated from regular payroll (Overtime is mandatory under state law for all time worked in a single week that exceeds 40 hours.  Overtime may not be reduced by averaging, comp time or other methods.)

____________________________________                                    _______________
     Authorized Company Signature                                                              Date

Please attach a voided check to this form for the bank account you will use to set up the automated payroll tax deposits.  Please note:  It can take 2-4 weeks for the EFTPS system to become operational for a new account.  Until setup becomes operational, it will be necessary to make federal tax payments through authorized depositories (such as commercial banks).  Oregon tax payments can be paid by check until EFTPS setup is operational.