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We Offer the Following Payroll Services

  • Payroll consultation and advice
  • Payroll computation and check-writing
  • Flexible payroll options include: You write checks, we write checks, or payroll is directly deposited into each employee's bank account
  • Direct payroll tax payments to IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue using EFTPS
  • Quarterly & annual reports and W-2's


Why Choose Our Payroll Service?

  • You will work directly with an experienced payroll representative, not a data-entry clerk.
  • We offer tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll all under one roof. This means we are knowledgeable about your company and can offer you informed advice on how payroll rules affect you and your employees.
  • Our fees are assessed at a low hourly rate of $80 and are often significantly lower than fees charged by the larger national payroll companies, even though our service is more personalized.

Payroll Service Agreement (Word) (PDF)


How Do I Begin My Payroll Service?

It is our pleasure to work as your payroll service. We require the following information to start your payroll:

  • Your business' federal EIN Number (If you do not have an EIN, we can obtain one for you)
  • Your business' Oregon Business Identification Number (BIN) (if you do not have an Oregon BIN, we can obtain one for you)
  • If you are switching from another payroll service company, we will need your year-to-date payroll figures and payroll reports.
  • Business address
  • Completed Form W4 for each current and new employee hired
  • Completed Form I9 for each current and new employee hired
  • Signed Payroll Services Agreement (Word) (PDF).
  • If you want us to initiate your payroll deposits through EFTPS, we will need the following:
    • Your business checking account number
    • Bank's branch name and address
    • A cancelled check from the bank account your company will issue payroll through
  • If you want us to issue employee payroll through direct deposit, we will need your banking information and a cancelled check from each employee who will be receiving payroll through direct deposit.