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Business & Tax Consulting

We offer personal and business tax consulting services.  If your questions relate to your personal returns, then we recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our Licensed Tax Consultants.  We will analyze your tax situation and provide advise on ways you can legally minimize your tax bills, help you set up tax payments, file for installment agreements, or any other tax-related matters of concern to you.

Business Consulting

Pacific Northwest Tax Service's skilled personnel have decades of accounting and tax preparation experience.  We can help you with the day-to-day aspects of tracking business income and expenses, selecting the best tax structure for your business, and filing business returns.

Len Mitchell, CPA, brings a wealth of business management knowledge to our clients as well.  He worked in private industry in the roles of chief financial officer, general manager, and managing director for a diverse range of small and medium size businesses including retail, food distribution, and manufacturing.  He is knowledgeable about accounting systems, cost management, income projections and other financial aspects of running small and medium-sized businesses.

If you are starting up a new business, we can help you to decide whether you should form a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC or LLP, and also file the necessary documents with the IRS and state authorities to effect creation of a new legal entity for your business.

Business Start-Up Services

If you are seeking loans for your business, with commercial banks, SBA, equipment finance, accounts receivable financing, "asset based lenders", etc., we can assist with the necessary financial reports and applications, as well as with making the right choice for your source of finance.

Financial Reports and Loan Application Assistance

Leonard Mitchell, CPALen Mitchell, CPA

Fiduciary and Estate

Special assistance is available to those with a recently deceased spouse, including final returns for the deceased, as well as estate tax returns.  See our Estate and Trust planning and tax return pages for more information.

Estate & Trust Planning Services

Estate & Trust Tax Returns


Audit Assistance

In addition to preparation of tax returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, Non-Profits, etc., we will help you through an IRS or State Taxation Department audit or tax reassessment. Frequently IRS will reassess prior returns that were incomplete or incorrect, and such assessments are often higher than necessary due to IRS not having all pertinent information available to them.  We will represent you with IRS or state taxation authorities, and ensure that your taxes are the minimum permitted by tax law.  See our audit services page for more information.

Audit Services