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Estate and Trust Planning

Preparing the IRS 706 Estate Tax Return and related State returns for the deceased is a challenging matter. The rules are complex, and if there are one or more trusts involved, careful interpretation of such documents is of paramount importance. Our professionals are adept at dealing with such situations. Generally, estate taxes are higher than most other forms of taxes - if the estate exceeds the exemption limits. It is therefore extremely important that you choose a firm both competent and experienced in reducing estate taxes to the minimum permitted by law. An incorrect interpretation can be extremely costly.

If all of the estate assets are not distributed at time of death, a Fiduciary situation will exist, and 1041 returns, reporting taxable income of the estate must be filed. We can assist with both the rules of accounting for fiduciary income, as well as in preparation of the 1041 returns.

Families are often distressed with the passing of a loved one. Our professionals will bring courteous and caring attention to the challenges of your estate.