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Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing you with quality tax preparation services delivered by our experienced team of tax professionals.  Here are 7-steps to delivering quality that we provide to every client we service.

Step 1 - Information Collection

April interviews client

We conduct a thorough interview with you to be sure we understand your tax situation, and to ensure every possible deduction legally available under the law is taken. 

Our detailed Tax Organizers are available for you to download and bring to your tax interview. They provide valuable information to help ensure you and your preparer cover all areas relevant to your unique tax situation.

We will collect required information from you via in-person or telephone interview, and via email correspondence.  You may deliver documents to us at the time of your interview and through the use of our SecureFilePro portal system. 

Step 2 - Analysis and Preparation

We will analyze your tax documents and prepare your return based upon the information you provide to us. 

We provide our staff with the equipment, advanced training and the expert support needed to provide our customers competent professional tax preparation services with a level of thoroughness directed at maximizing your tax savings.

Our preparers do not work for commission, and are therefore free to work together as a team, sharing tax knowledge and experience.

Step 3 - Draft Return Review

We will present you with a draft copy of your return for you to review.  You will review the return and notify your preparer of any required changes you believe should be made.  It is especially important to advise your preparer of incorrect names, addresses, tax identification numbers, or bank routing and account numbers.  You should also ensure that income and deduction amounts seem accurate

Step 4 - Signatures and Payment of Bill

Your preparer will provide you with Form 8879 (E-File Authorization Form) for signature.  IMPORTANT: You and your spouse (if filing jointly) must sign Form 8879 and return the form to us before we will file your return.  Your tax preparation bill will be reviewed with you at this time and must be paid before we electronically file your return.  For an additional charge of $90, you may elect to have our fees withheld from your refund through the Republic Bank Refund Transfer product.

Step 5 - Tax Consultant review and electronic Filling

After you have signed Form 8879 and paid your tax preparation fees, your return will be routed to our processing department where it will be error-checked.  If significant errors are discovered, your preparer will contact you to notify you of the errors.  You will be provided with a corrected copy of your return and you will be asked to sign a new Form 8879 which you will need to sign and return to us before we will file your return.

Step 6.     Pick up of paperwork:

When review of your return is completed by our Designated Consultant, your return will be electronically filed with the IRS and applicable state(s).  Assuming your return(s) are accepted by the IRS and applicable state(s), Processing will print and assemble a final paper copy of your return.  You will then be notified by phone or email that your paperwork is ready for pickup.  You can stop by our office during normal business hours to pickup your original documents and a printed copy of your return.  Any documents not picked up within 4 years will be destroyed.

Step 7 - We are here year-round to provide support when you need it.

April and SanDee review returnOur service doesn't end when you walk out the door.  We are here to support you with answers to your questions throughout the year.

If we make an error on your tax return due to our own omissions, it is our policy to pay any penalties or interest assessed by the IRS.