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Jess Gutierrez

jess-gutierrez-ltc-president-pacific-northwest-tax-serviceDesignated Consultant

Licensed Tax Consultant
B.S. San Jose State University

As a young accounting grad from San Jose State University, Jess Gutierrez knew he was not going to see the world at American Savings and Loan. So after two years working towards completion of his CPA program, he decided to attend the US Navy's prestigious Aviation Officer Candidate School, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Jess was selected to attend the A-6 Intruder flight training program at Whidbey Island, WA, before being assigned to the VA-196 Milestones, an attack squadron attached to the USS Constellation. At the end of his first cruise, he met and fell in love with a young Canadian woman he met while on shore leave in Perth, Australia. Two years later, they were married and living in Virginia Beach, VA. In 1992, Jess ended his Navy career and he and April decided to put his accounting skills to work by purchasing a tax service franchise in Portland, Oregon.

The franchise experience was a frustrating disappointment for the young couple, but two-and-half years of effort were not to be thrown away. In December 1995, they formed Pacific Northwest Tax Service and re-opened the doors for business. Through determination, hard work and exacting standards, Jess and April have grown Pacific Northwest Tax Service into one of the leading independent tax services in Oregon. These standards ensure every tax preparer receives adequate training and supervision, and that all tax returns are reviewed for accuracy before being filed with the IRS. Today, Pacific Northwest Tax Service operates two year-round offices, preparing over 3,000 tax returns each year.

In 2007, Jess was appointed to the Oregon Board of Tax Practioners by Governor Kulongoski. The Oregon State Board of Tax Practitioners was created by the 1973 Legislative Assembly for the purpose of protecting the consumer by ensuring that Oregon tax professionals are competent and ethical in their professional activities. All persons in Oregon who prepare, advise or assist in the preparation of personal income tax returns for a fee, or represent that they do so, must be licensed.

jess-gutierrez-ltc-president-pacific-northwest-tax-service-enjoys-his-beechcraft-bonanzaThe Board consists of seven members. Six Board members are Licensed Tax Consultants with at least five years tax preparation experience. One member comes from the general public and is not associated with the profession. All members are appointed by the Governor for three-year terms, and confirmed by the Senate.

In addition to indulging his passion for flying, Jess spends free time with his family, where he enjoys golf, camping, horseback riding and travel.