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Self Employment, Sole Proprietorship & Single Member LLC Tax Organizer

Reporting self-employment income and expenses is one of the most complex areas of individual income tax law. We want to provide you with a complete and accurate tax return that reports income and expenses of your business accurately, while maximizing your tax savings.

We have designed this self-employment organizer to assist you with organizing your information and preparing for your tax interview. As a small business owner, you might be eligible for various deductions and tax credits. Be sure to notify your tax preparer if any of the following applied to your business during the year:

  • You started or purchased a business
  • You purchased real estate for use in your business or made improvements to buildings or other property used in your business
  • Purchased a hybrid vehicle or other energy-efficiency device
  • Made disabled access improvements to your property
  • You purchased or sold assets such as computers, photocopiers, production equipment, automobiles

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