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Pacific Northwest Tax Service

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What our Customers are saying about us

"2 years ago, my husband and I had the privilege of being assigned SanDee Tharp from Pacific Northwest Tax Service as our preparer of our personal and small business income taxes. From our very first meeting, we felt comfortable and confident that we had discovered the highest level of service available, and our experience with the firm over time has done nothing but reinforce our intial "gut" feeling. Not only do we feel that the end product is of the highest level of quality and accuracy, but the knowledge base and level of expertise offered by the firm is of unprecedented caliber. The staff at Pacfic Northwest Tax Service are friendly, responses are timely, and they provide a level of personalized service that makes you feel as if you've entered more than just a business relationship, ultimately completing the overall experience. Thanks Pacific Northwest Tax Service; we look forward to many more years of growing together!"

—Jason (owner of Club Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning) and Rochelle Anderson



"Every year I used to sit in front of the computer with Turbo Tax and have an emotional breakdown. I felt like The Man was bringing me down big time. Enter Pacific NW Tax Service. This place, and specifically SanDee, was recommended to us three years ago and we have been loyal ever since.  She knows her stuff and actually teaches tax ethics and other tax classes. When they are done taking a look at your receipts and everything, you get a nice little folder with all of your stuff to mail off and keep in your file cabinet. I will never like tax season, but having someone else do it makes it a little less painful.  Hint: It is best to make an appointment, but I think they do take walk-ins too."

—Tina B.



"I have been having April prepare my tax returns for the last 13 years and have always found her to be on the cutting edge of Tax Law and technology. She has saved me thousands of dollars and given me good investment advice which has in the Big Picture paid off. She is honest, of upmost integrity and very pleasant in answering questions. I would recommend her to anyone needing a good Tax Preparer."

—Priscilla Holst, Realestate Broker/Windermere


"My wife and I are stationed overseas in Heidelberg, Germany, and have been for 3 years. For more than 10 years I have entrusted April at Pacific NW Tax Service to take care of all my annual tax filing. No matter whether I am living in Louisiana, Washington DC, overseas in Germany, or even Oregon, I always let PNW Tax take care of the headache of all the paperwork. This year we will spend the tax return on stuff for our new baby, due 5 March."

—Lieutenant Colonel Bruce E. Alzner, Oregon Army National Guard



"Pacific NW Tax Service has completed my Return for the last 8-9 years. Some years there are 4-5 forms and some years 10-12. PNWTAX usually finds errors in my investment advisor's year-end tax information. One year the IRS found an error in my return and PNWTAX responded promptly and paid the penalty. The problem was caused by an error in their tax software. I used PNWTAX on business tax questions when I was thinking of starting my own business. I trusted PNWTAX to complete my father's Estate Return and advise me on estate tax issues. PNWTAX Service has a thorough and consistent Return and Review process. Every Return is audited by a senior member of the company; no exceptions. I only meet with April and Jess Gutierrez on an annual basis but I usually have a tax question or two during the year and they always respond. I refer friends and family members to Pacific Northwest Tax Service."

—Lee McAtee, Northeast Portland



"We've been using Pacific Northwest Tax Service for over ten years, and would never use anyone else to prepare our taxes. We use the same tax advisor (SanDee Tharp) every year and she knows how to handle everything from stock and RSU sales, to tax laws regarding childcare expenses and special needs children. The pricing is competitive with other places in the area, but the service and quality is well above the competition. Our tax advisor is detailed and thorough, and she prepares our tax returns quickly without making us feel rushed.
I also like the pricing structure, because I never feel like a number. I know no matter how many things we have to investigate or work through, it is the same cost. And seeing the same tax advisor every year is comfortable. This isn't a big firm, I feel like my tax advisor is part of my community and she remembers me and has all of the history of my previous returns."

—Nicole O'Donnell, Technical Writer, Intel Corporation



"I certainly have been a happy customer. Pacific Northwest Tax Service has done our returns for the last 4 years. With four rental houses and a business under a contract sale, our returns are fairly complex. The service received has been accurate, thorough and timely and provided at a very fair cost.

I hope to have my tax info together in a couple of weeks. I'll see you soon."