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Tax Organizers

To help you prepare for your tax interview, we have prepared a series of organizers and links to useful information.

Begin by downloading and completing the Individual 1040 Organizer.

Most people will only need to complete the Individual 1040 Organizer. However, if your tax situation is more complex, you may need to complete additional organizers to provide more information about your tax situation. There is no need to complete organizers that do not apply to you

Special Situation

Organizer to complete

Individual 1040 return Individual 1040
You sold your home Sale of Home
If you purchased a new home or refinanced an existing mortgage, you should bring a copy of your HUD or settlement closing statement to your tax interview. Home Buyer
You sold stocks, ESPP/RSU/ISO shares Stock Sale
You lived or worked in a foreign country, or you have foreign income or foreign investments, including foreign pension accounts, bank accounts or brokerage accounts Foreign Income or Assets
You had income or expenses from renting a house/condo or vacation rental Rental Property
You have income reported on Form 1099-Miscellaneous, you are self employed or you had farm income. Self-Employment (Schedule C or F)


Business and Entity Return Information

For business returns we ask that you review and complete the appropriate tax organizer for your business type. If you don't understand, or are not able to fully complete the tax organizer, don't worry.  Just put together as much of the information you can and we'll help you do the rest.

We provide bookkeeping services for businesses that need assistance compiling Business Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet records.


Business Tax Structure

Organizer to complete

Sole Proprietor/Single-Owner LLC Self-Employment (Schedule C or F)
Partnership/Multi-Owner LLC Partnership/LL 1065
S Corporation S Corporation - 1120 S
C Corporation C Corporation 1120
Estate or Trust - Fiduciary Return Fiduciary 1041
Non-Profit Organization Tax Exempt 990