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Price Estimate Request

We are happy to provide you with an estimate of what we will charge to prepare your tax return.  Since every person's tax situation is unique, giving an exact estimate can be difficult, however we will make every effort to give you a reasonable expectation of what you can expect to pay for our preparation services.  

Email with a listing of each income and expense item described in the tables below.  We will respond with an estimate of what we will charge based upon the information you provide.  You may copy and paste the tables below into the body of your email and then put an (x) in the appropriate "Yes" or "No" box for each income and expense type.

IMPORTANT: Do not send email attachments of any kind.  Due to virus and identity theft concerns, we do not open attachments.

If you would like us to provide you with an estimate, we need to know about your household.  Are you married, single, separated, etc.  In addition, we need to know about the types of income and expense that you had. 

The tables below reference many of the possible types of income and expenses that our clients commonly have. 

Income Type Tax statement you received.  Other information we need. Yes No
Wages W-2    
Retirement 1099-R, Social Security    
Interest 1099 INT.  How many?    
Dividend 1099 DIV. How many?    
Self Employment 1099 MISC.  Describe the type of business and amount of income it made.  Where do you conduct your business? What kind of business do you have?  Approximately how much income did your business bring in and how much did it spend on expenses?  Do you have employees?    
Stock Sales 1099 B. How many accounts and sales?    
Home or real estate sale 1099 S    
Rental Income You might receive 1099 MISC, but probably didn't.  How many properties?    
Partnership/S Corporation/Trust/Estate K-1 from Form 1065/1120S/1041    
Foreign income - Income from other countries Do you have income from outside of the United States? Describe type and amount.     
Foreign investments or bank accounts Do you have bank accounts, investment accounts, or retirement accounts in a foreign country?  If yes, what is the value of these accounts?    
Type and amount of income Type and amount of income.     
Income from other states. Where you a resident of another state (outside of Oregon), or have income from another state?  Which states?    
Health insurance assistance from the Marketplace Did you purchase your health insurance on the Marketplace and receive cost-sharing assistance from the Marketplace?  If yes, you should look for Form 1095-A.    
Total income How much did you make (approximately) for the year?    

Did you have any of the following expenses?

Expense Type Documents received or other information Yes No
Dependents Did you provide support for others?    
Childcare expenses Childcare receipts    
Mortgage 1098    
Property taxes Records showing tax payments    
Health Savings Account 1099 HSA or 1098 HSA    
Student Loan Interest 1098E    
College Tuition 1098T    
Self Employment Receipts and other expense records for your business.    
Rental property 1098, receipts and other expense records for your rental.    
Medical expenses Approximately how much did you pay for medical expenses (out of pocket)    
Moving expenses Did you move more than 50 miles for work? If yes, did you have expenses?    
Charity Receipts for amounts donated.     
Medical insurance coverage Were all members of your household covered with health insurance for ALL months of the year?  1095-A, 1095-B, or 1095-C forms are issued to show coverage.  If you are on the Oregon Health Plan or Medicare, you will not receive these forms unless you are working and your employer provided coverage.  If did not have health insurance for any month during the year, please explain.