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Tax Client Resources

Electric Vehicle & Energy Efficiency Home Improvements

If you made energy efficiency improvements to your home, you may be eligible to claim an energy credit on your Oregon state tax return. 2017 is the last year of Oregon's residential energy credit program.  To see if your home improvement may qualify for an Oregon Residential Energy Credit, visit the Oregon Department of Energy Web site, where you can obtain additional information.

Oregon Tax Service Licensing Laws

Oregon is currently the ONLY state that requires tax preparers to be licensed. Oregon tax preparers are regulated by the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners. Oregon's licensing laws are intended to protect consumers from incompetent and unethical tax preparers. Click here to learn more about Oregon tax preparer licensing laws.

Tax Organizers

Prepare for your interview to maximize your tax savings! Our tax organizers are designed to help you gather records and prepare for your tax interview. Click here for more information about our tax organizers.

Where's My Refund?

Our E-File & Refunds page offers useful information and links to IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue websites where you can check on the status of your federal and Oregon tax refunds.